For the animal....

…..shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours, they move finished and complete, gifted with the extension of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings: they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth."

~Henry Beston, The Outermost House


There are 2 books I have listed in the sidebar that I recommend to friends and I wanted to highlight each one.

Animals in Spirit     by Penelope Smith

Animals in Spirit
How do animals feel about crossing over?
What do they communicate to us after they die?
How can we contact animals in spirit?
Losing an animal companion can be a painful experience, yet by examining their transition from a spiritual perspective, Animals in Spiritexplores the process of dying from the viewpoints of animals and their people. Learn how animals choose their paths in each life, and the knowledge they leave behind for their humans. As animals make their way from the physical into the spiritual realm, Animals in Spirit can strengthen the union with our beloved friends by teaching us to accept and understand the full experience of life.
With true stories, insights from animals and their human friends, as well as meditations to help communicate with animals in the spirit realm, Animals in Spirit will help heal the feelings of loss and separation by connecting you to your faithful companion in spirit.
Well worth a look I say.
The Animals' Viewpoint on Dying, Death and Euthanasia
by Elizabeth Severino
From the author:
"I'm a healing communicator for people and animals. A few years ago, Dana O'Donnell, a magnificent lady extremely active in animal rescue work, asked me to write an article for the rescue publication, Paws in Thought. We knew there were many things I could write about...and when I asked the animals, they insisted that I write about dying, death, and euthanasia. Although I balked at the topic, the animals insisted, and began full-force to teach me many new lessons, many of them tear-filled.
"The little book you hold in your hands now, is an outgrowth of the original article, posted on the web-site. The animals have requested that I make this additional information and perspective available to all.

"It is my profound hope that readers will find the lessons and experiences I write about in these pages, as illuminating as I have in writing about them. This book is not intended to be any kind of final word on the nature of the cycles of life and the dimensions in between. It is, however, a recounting of my direct experiences over the course of many decades. Very simply, I know how much it hurts to lose an animal (or any!) companion we love. What I hope to accomplish more than anything, is to gift my translation of the clarity and perspective of the animals' viewpoints on dying, death, and euthanasia, to loving care-humans wanting to make conscious decisions involving the lives of animal companions entrusted to them, thereby minimizing grief and dispelling doubt. Bessie Stanley in 1905 said, 'To know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded.' This is my hope and intent.

Blessings, Elizabeth."

3 stages of dying

Animals and the right time for Euthanasia?
The following article is excerpted in its entirety from the book, “The Animals’ Viewpoint on Dying, Death and Euthanasia”, written by Dr. Elizabeth F. Severino.
Dr. Severino is a highly experienced animal communicator with almost 20 years’ experience and who handles all animals and all issues with love and compassion.  Her books are available either through her web-site or through
“Destroying an animal, putting an animal down, or euthanizing it, has very different implications, during and after the death of the physical body, depending on the stage of death that the animal is in and the energy of intention around the death.
In the 1st stage of dying/illness, in which, although the animals call it the “1st stage of dying”, an animal is still capable of recovering, the animal actually knows its physical body is capable of healing, and often can heal itself, but still requires some cooperation from its immediate environment. This cooperation would include proper food, rest, cleanliness of wounds or abrasions, and perhaps some veterinary intervention. An animal euthanized in the 1st stage will be confused for anywhere from 6 to 12 months, human time.
In the 2nd stage of dying/illness, an animal’s physical body may or may not recover. An animal in this stage knows it requires intervention of some sort in order for its physical body to heal. It is no longer able to heal itself completely by itself. An animal euthanized in the 2nd stage will be confused for anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months, human time.
In the 3rd stage of dying, an animal knows its physical body can no longer be healed without a Divine intervention. It begins the separation of soul/spirit from form. The spirit/soul of an animal euthanized in the 3rd stage can be sufficiently clear to be contacted within 24 hours, and is usually completely clear in 4 to 6 weeks, human time. They say it is true of human consciousness.
Animals euthanized in the 3rd stage react very, very similarly to animals that have died naturally. It is almost the same for them as dying naturally, and they are fine with it. Some are quite clear that their primary experience, from entry into the 3rd stage on, will be pain and progressive failure of the body.
Human words cannot do justice to the extraordinary range, the difference, the distinctions, the continuum from the exquisite peace and clarity of an animal euthanized in the 3rd stage, to the painful, explosive confusion of an animal leaving form even before the 1st stage. Nor can human words appropriately stress how extraordinary it is and how important it is to know that the 3rd stage is so similar in its spiritual impact, to natural death.
A suffering companion animal’s entry into the 3rd stage is marked by a very sudden change in behaviour, a change dramatic enough and different enough so that its humans notice. Please note we are talking about suffering, diseased, or old and infirm animals. An animal that has never bitten will bite.
An animal which has never “sounded” excessively (barked, screeched) will sound excessively. An animal, which has always been familiar, will become distant/withdrawal and hid perhaps, (Exception: an elderly cat, doing what I call vocalizing, is doing something very different . . . it is NOT an indicator of 3rd stage). But is asking for help. (If this is your cat, seek a blood or urine test for kidney issues or chronic cystitis, once diagnose, treat your cat with homeopathic remedies that are safe and gentle.)
An animal either entering into or already in the 3rd stage, will suddenly start to react as if it were (in human terms) delusional, relating to and or responding to, figures that to human eyes “aren’t there.” What’s happening at this point, is that the animal’s consciousness is starting to separate from form, and it is actually starting to more clearly see energies, sometimes incorporeal human or animal, and often angelic, which most human eyes can’t readily see.
If you’re a caretaker for a suffering animal, and you have provided natural medicines and care for awhile and know you feel your animal is in the 3rd stage, ask her/him a question  …(But first breathe deeply and centre yourself as best you can)
Clear your mind as best you can; remember foremost your love for your animal and the highest good; turn your energy intently to your animal, and ask, “Are you ready to leave form now?”
Breathe deeply again. Your animal will answer in that breath.
If you’re not sure of the answer, repeat the procedure, and this time, ask, “Will you please give me a sign, a behaviour change, if and when you become ready, if and when you enter the 3rd stage?”
The animals will always respond, “Yes,” to this question.
Then you wait and watch. And if you’re still not sure, repeat the procedure, and add, “Will you please make it very obvious if you’re in or when you’ve entered the 3rd stage?”
When the pet is ready, arrange a Vet to come to your home to assist. You can also help assist its’ spirit’s separation form, by giving your pet an honoring ritual by burning a white candle for 24hrs.
The clearer an animal gets, the sooner it can move its essence energy on to its reincarnation.
In many cases over the past few years, I’ve found animals that were so clear after separating from form, they could and did tell their humans whether or not there was a chance that they would be together again in this lifetime; and if so, have told the humans the approximate geographical location, the approximate timing, and the form, into which they would reincarnate.
Several are indeed now together again. So, if this relates to your life, to the animals in your care, please know that the animals are OK with being euthanized.
Please also know that they will love you whatever you do and whatever you decide. It’s easier on them ultimately, however, if euthanizing is done in the correct time. Look for the signs of being in the 3rd stage.
It matters.

May 9, 2011 - Kobie

Kobie through Marilyn....

(10 years old..  just crossed)  She’s very light and floaty… came right towards her and flopped on back and rolled over and popped back up. She loved rolling over and would do it often.  She’s very light  (light is good) and it’s a good feel and good spirit.

She knows that it would have been rehab her whole life.  It must have been her time, I said…  “Well yes – it was my time but I didn’t know it was my time until it was my time but then of course it was my time because I left.”  (that’s a Kobie logic and statement)

She’s good… she’s good where she is.  She has a sense of freedom and relief because she can roll over, hop up, lots of chasing games.  Looks like she’s with Ari or another dog that looks like Ari and they are running and chasing and rolling. 

(What was her relationship with Olivia?) First thing she said was that Olivia is coming soon.  She had to stay behind to keep the energy smooth.  Kobie’s exit was so dramatic and traumatic but Olivia’s crossing will be much calmer but she had to stay behind to relax the energy after Kobie’s crossing.

(Anything else she wants to tell me?)  Planting flowers…are there special flowers that you plant.  (Marilyn asked)  (yes) She says you’re supposed to plant the flowers this year.  (She’s next to Ari on the hill and I’m going to get some colorful pinwheels and put there)  Marilyn said -
She has tears of sadness, joy, compassion and how nice it is of you to remember her.

(Ask her if she remembers my mother)  She remembers your mom…  she knew her then, she knows her now.

Kobie is her usual self!

This weekend Marilyn was in town and today she conducted an Animal Communication workshop at Rin Tin Inn. One of the participants attending spoke with Kobie and she was her usual "get it right" self.  In the past, people communicating with her were taken back when she contacted them first to see if they could "get it right".  Today the woman said she asked Kobie how she could be a better communicator and Kobie drew a circle and put herself in it and said "focus"!

She also asked if Kobie had a shiny coat (she had not seen a picture) and of course the answer was yes.  When asked how she felt she said her back leg is sore and she's slowing down (she's 9 year old).  The woman said she had a nurturing spirit.

The woman asked if she used to sleep with me (no..  she slept in the same room but not on the bed).  Kobie was showing a picture of 2 dogs lying on a bed and a blue afghan type blanket was mentioned.  (Jake and Brita sleep with me now which she can see from behind a baby gate.  She has the run of the house and access to the outside.)

Her favorite thing to do...  hang out in the kitchen with me! 

2010.2.10 Conversation with Marilyn

Marilyn – 2010.1.10

Jake and Brita
What happened?  He shows a picture of being stepped on and squished by something large or it looked large to him because he was really little perhaps only few weeks old (3 or less),.  It could have been his mother rolling over on him when he was lying on his back.  Sometimes there is pain or he feels like it goes where it’s not supposed to go but sometimes he doesn’t notice it especially when he is still. He is good about getting it fixed and yes, he knows he overdoes it at times. He also has pain and achiness in his rear left leg around the middle below the knee.  It’s a tingly feeling probably from overdoing it.

He’s very glad he is with me but is sorry to cause me stress and trouble (he didn’t realize that it was going to cause of all of this stress).  He feels that after the surgery he will need therapy such as swimming or message or alternative therapy because his whole body is crooked.

Jake #1
Were we together before?  Yep!  “You knew that” (to me) and “you knew that too” (to Marilyn) Marilyn said: “I know I knew that but you didn’t want me to tell her” and he said “Thank you for that, but you recognized me when you saw the picture” and Marilyn said “yep (to me… you sent me that black and white picture of the white dog) and when I saw the picture I said who is that..  oh…that is the dog I just talked to.”  He is a different dog this time and back for a difference experience. 

Regarding the dogs in the household… nothing special.  He feels like he is home. He is happy to be back and is showing pictures of him licking me all over.   He is flashing back and forth.  Everything is fine and everything will be taken care of.

He’s fun.  She treats him like a brother. She says that he doesn’t know as much as she does but also he is headstrong.  She reminded me to not forget about her because she likes to do stuff and she likes to work.

How are you doing?  She’s ok, her head itches.  I mentioned she stopped biting when we lost Teddy, then started when we lost Ari and now when Jake came, she started again. She said she was nervous in interim with tension going on.   Regarding Jake - he’s cute, his antics are cute, gets away with murder and is funny to watch! 
Kobie and Olivia

How do you feel about Jake?  She is not as amused as Olivia.  There is an aloofness, she doesn’t feel he is a pest just tries to ignore him – not to worry, when he is older, she’ll kick his butt.  She seems to be really happy for me now.  I asked about her and Brita and she said that Brita’s not nearly as bad as she thought she was.  There is calmness in house now and everything seems in order even with Jake there. It’s more balanced than it has been in a long time.  Her health is ok.

It’s going well, he’s good and feels and looks good. He likes what’s going on at the house.  I asked if he knew whether Tori crossed and he said she was with him like a ghost - like a flash, there and gone.  She like went by him.
Ari and Tori
Marilyn can’t tell if she is alive or dead and said that maybe we’re not supposed to connect.

He is very handsome and proud and confident….big brown eyes.   
He said that I’m progressing beautifully, taking everything in stride and growing every day.  He said that I should remember to breathe and be careful not to go go go all the time.  There is better opportunity to take care of me since it’s more balanced in the house.

Marilyn and Ari….

I talked to Ari at about 3PM 12-18-2009

Immediately upon checking in with Ari I got the impression that it was hard work to move or keep his muscles going. Shoulders ache. Elbows ache – something systemic is coursing through his body (a systemic illness or disease). Pain in left knee. Everything feels old.Brita.Ari.yard.5.5.08-44aa

Ari: (proudly) I should not have been walking this whole time, but I did it. [Marilyn’s note: He says this as though he should not have been able to even walk or get on as well as he has these past months, but he is proud of his ability to override his body and still have a good quality of life. He shows me a picture of him just lying down and watching – watching everything that is going on around him. It’s very peaceful.  He likes to be able to just sit and observe.]

Ari: They came for me last night, but I told them to go. I wanted to say good-bye [to Laurel] and the time was not appropriate when they came so I sent them away. [Marilyn’s note: he shows me a beautiful array of spirits - so light and bright… a full entourage ready to escort him to the other side, but Ari was firm in his decision to stay until he could say good-bye to you in his own way. He did not want to ‘die in his sleep’ he wanted to be with you when he left.] You are a good mom!

[Now he shows me a picture of how he will cross, it is an image of his body lying and you at his head. The body is empty/hollow and very dead and his spirit rises out of it, a feeling of floating and total release – very peaceful, very zen. He calls this “Spirit Release”

Ari: It’s okay. You’ll [Laurel] be okay. It’s time for Brita now. You’ve taken good care of me and I of you.

[He tells me it’s not just his skeletal/muscular systems failing, but also his heart and organs.

Marilyn: Ari, did you tell her [Laurel] it was time.

Ari: Not yet.  I don’t want to go, but my body says otherwise. My body is making this decision for me, but we will see each other again.  I’m going to see Teddy
and we have some work to do together.  There are others there that wait for me, too.  They have been waiting a long time, because I was supposed to have left this plane already.  And I could have left, too, if I wanted to.  But I did not want to and I am stronger than myDSC04386 body, or at least I was… for a while. I love my life. I love my love [Laurel], and I love my friends [other dogs and Joshua].

[He shows me a picture of a fire or a bonfire in your back yard]

{Back end and hips are not working, poop and pee is difficult to control/hold] He says: sorry about that.

He says: He wanted to be with you today when he goes, so he waited for you.  He loves you so, so very much. You are only separated by dimension, which is an illusion. In truth you are One and neither of you could love the other any more. You have his heart. You have done right by him and you have learned much from each other. Hold on to what you know and be You.

Marilyn Tokach
Training & Behavior Specialist
Pure Spirit ~ Animal Communication, Training & Behavior Solutions

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Proud Pets. Proud Pet Owners

Teddy and Bradley

My friend Angie was here doing some dog training and she brought her 12 year old son along. He was in and out of the house doing some computer stuff and being a really good kid. At some point we were in eating a pizza and then went outside and he started playing with Ari, Kobie and Olivia and we took some videos.. he really loves dogs.....

Anyway... Angie and I went back out and a hour later we wrapped it and came in the house. Bradley was in the living room on the computer. We were standing at the counter and he asked me how many dogs I have. I said the 3 he was playing with who were right by him and Brita. Then he said: "Well, there was another dog on the porch a little while ago and I went over to the door to look and then he wasn't there". I explained that there was no way a dog can get in or out of the yard with the fence setup and the 3 were right with him and Brita was with me. I asked him to describe the dog and he described Teddy. I pulled up a picture of Teddy when he was younger by the fence and he had a really dark face and Bradley said no, the dog was more grey.

Teddy behind fence 

So I showed him the picture that is below and he said, "that's the dog". When I told him Teddy was no longer with us, he was so funny because he said: "oh great... now I see dead dogs!"

... then I said... what was Joshua (my parrot) doing ( he was on the porch)..
Bradley said: "He was saying Hello". 

This would go with the conversation with Marilyn in May....

·He’s (Teddy) everywhere….everything’s fine….comfortable…at ease…· Fine with his resting place  
Ari’s coming soon but that’s ok since everyone gets along – they were together before.  
He’s watching all of us and he’s everywhere..

 Here is Teddy's Story......

Animal Communicator Marilyn Tokach

Marilyn Tokach, is a professional animal communicator, trainer and behavior specialist. She is a compassionate medium, healer and teacher, helping to empower both animals and their human guardians bring mutual understanding and harmony into their lives.

Marilyn's work is enhanced by her extensive corporate experience in human resources management, bringing forth skills in interviewing, training, development, coaching and conflict resolution. A bachelors degree in psychology and masters studies in business compliment her understanding of both human and animal motivation, behavior and learning theories, all of which is helpful for teaching people how to encourage appropriate actions from their animal companions.

Active in rescue and animal related causes, Marilyn has trained animals for 20+ years and participates with her own dogs in obedience, conformation, agility and Schutzhund. Marilyn currently shares her home with a menagerie of animal companions, including dogs, birds, fish and a cat.


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What Ari has to Say.

Conversations with Marilyn concerning his health.
….Whole back end wobbly not losing use of only one leg but actually a leg and a half. Right leg can’t support and he can’t compensate. When he shifts his weight he falls over.
…. No headaches but dizziness.
…. Is your time up? He won’t answer it because he doesn’t want to think about it. He's in denial. He knows he’s not making it easier for me or him. He likes being a dog and doing things with me and sometimes being a clown. He’s been with me many times before… cliffs, centuries ago, involved once, dogs together (street dogs). What can I do? Love him and hold him.
….Stomach bloated but dry mouth which is why he drinks so much water. He feels kind of spacey or tipsy. He sees his mental capacities leaving but not dementia. Something physical pressing … most likely brain tumor.
…. He hates putting me through this and he wonders how I’ll ever survive without him to keep the girls in line. Loves me and hates the way he has to pee. (squatting)
…. Not long… 0-6 weeks. Very hard to say…

Kobie’s report (the caretaker – empathetic)
· Ari vomits in the back yard in the corner and doesn’t want to tell me.
· He’s trying to be strong and he’s not the dog he used to be and it’s sad.

Olivia’s report (into herself)
· Knows nothing she is so itchy. Give her drugs.(she says). it’s maddening…

Brita’s report (matter of fact)
· She knows that he’s not long for this world. Animals die. (Not rude but a reflective statement)
· Nothing she can do so she’s accepting it.· She’s sad that I’m sad and everything is heavy around here now.

· He’s (Teddy) everywhere….everything’s fine….comfortable…at ease…· Fine with his resting place
· Ari’s coming soon but that’s ok since everyone gets along – they were together before.
· He’s watching all of us and he’s everywhere.

Olivia visiting Teddy's resting place.

One Sunday I took Olivia to Teddy's
resting place. It was the first visit in warmer weather and with no snow on the ground. She sniffed around and then settled right by it as if to say,

“I'll just watch over him for a bit”.

From Olivia's Visit to Teddy's Resting Place